If you are thinking further ahead for Christmas, why not consider paper whites daffodils; their natural flowering time is January/February but with good quality bulbs and a little encouragement they will flower in 6 – 10 weeks.

Hyacinth bulbs offer early colour and are quite easy to plant. Be prepared and use gloves when handling the prepared hyacinths as they can cause an allergic reaction. We have different coloured hyacinths and glass vases for planting.

If you are planting outside loosen the soil and work in compost with a little bone meal for added nutrients. Dig 4 inches deep and about 3 inches apart in a sunny or partially shaded spot.

For indoor planting fill a pot with bulb fibre and place the bulb into half its depth. Place the pot in a cool dark place such as garage and allow about 10 weeks to grow. Check bulbs regularly and water if the compost feels dry.


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