Puppy Parties

Our Puppy Party is designed to introduce puppies to new sights, sounds and smells in a safe and controlled environment. It is vital that young puppies are properly socialised to ensure they grow into a confident well-adjusted dog.

Puppy Parties run every Saturday. Each party lasts half an hour and costs £4 per puppy. There are two sessions available. Session 1 (9.30-10) is for quiet and shy puppies who would prefer to take things slowly. Session 2 (10.30-11) is for the more experienced or confident pups who would prefer to dive right in.

The party takes place in a secure pen in our Pet Department at Homeleigh Bude

Puppies must be fully vaccinated and up to date with worming. We allow all puppies up to 20 weeks old to attend.

Booking is essential and is currently limited to 4 puppies per session. For health and safety reasons we have a limit of one human per puppy in the party pen for the time being.

Owners must ensure they book the session that best suits their puppy. We reserve the right to ask puppies to be put on a lead or leave the pen if we deem it necessary at any time.

Owners are responsible for themselves, their puppy, and their belongings. All puppies must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Please make sure your puppy has the opportunity to toilet before attending your session. Please bring poop bags and dispose of any waste in the outside bins.

We advise bringing plenty of your pups favourite treats. You may wish to give them a smaller breakfast before the party.

Puppies in attendance must wear a collar with the owners’ information on it.

This is not a training class; this is a safe space for puppies to play and socialise. We do, however, encourage owners to practice any commands that their puppy may know during the session.

Our pet staff are trained and able to advise on a variety of topics, including nutrition, grooming and parasite control. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and we look forward to seeing you and your puppy!