You might think the harvest is over by the autumn, but October still holds promise. Here are some favourites to savour at this time of year:

โœ“ Beetroot โ€“ The earthy juiciness of beetroot is perfect for warm autumn salads. Boil them, pickle them or grate fresh into chocolate cake batter.

โœ“ Apples โ€“ There is still time to enjoy the crisp sweetness of British apples, ripe from the tree.

โœ“ Brussels Sprouts โ€“ If you just canโ€™t wait for Christmas, harvest these perfect green globes, theyโ€™re great in stir-fry.

โœ“ Raspberries – The smooth sweetness of these delicious berries make a perfect autumn smoothie. Mix early and late fruiting canes for berry harvesting over a longer time period.

โœ“ Pumpkins โ€“ Their thick orange flesh will give you plenty of rich puree. Make sure you keep some for carving. Try the rest in both savoury and sweet treats.

โœ“ Celeriac โ€“ The beginning of celeriac season. A versatile and flavourful vegetable, it can be substituted for potatoes as a creamy side dish.

โœ“ Leeks โ€“ Young leeks are superbly soft and tender. Great in soups and stews, enjoy them at their best in October.

โœ“ Kale โ€“ These leafy greens are the ultimate superfood, and great for you nutritionally. Try swapping out kale leaves for basil in homemade pesto, for a zingy treat.

It might feel like everything is finished come October, but some things are only just getting started. Enjoy the mellow surprises this month brings, to rich recipes full of flavour.