You might think that the planting year is over by October but think again. The ripeness of the summer may have gone, but there are still many planting options. Whether you are a fair weather or an all-weather gardener, take the opportunity to grow your own.

✓ Apples – You can plant out apple trees throughout Autumn, they will be well rooted come the summer harvest.

✓ Fruit Trees – New season fruit trees are now in stock at Homeleigh. Most fruit trees are hardy enough to be planted in the Autumn as long as the ground is not frozen. We’ve got a fantastic selection available from sweet grapes and blueberries to tangy redcurrants and cranberries, amongst many more! Our top recommendation is blueberries; don’t forget they like acidic soil.

✓ Rhubarb – Plant rhubarb crowns in rich soil.

✓ Cabbage – Winter or spring cabbage can give some wholesome greenery to recipes in the early part of the year. They are ideal for colcannon and winter stews.

✓ Garlic – Plant garlic under cloches for a big crop planned in the summer.

✓ Herbs – You can grow a variety of herbs from plants and seeds all year round on your windowsill. Try parsley, basil and chives for flavourful variety that adds an aromatic addition to meals.

October can still bring some growing potential to your garden. Whether straight in the ground, pots or tubs, get out there.