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Fish Mate PUV Filter
Fish Mate PUV Filter
FISHMATE PUV (Pressurised) Pond Filter Mechanical and biological filtration for optimal water quality and healthier fish. Easy to maintain. Easy installation above or below ground level. Powerclenz control knob for automatic cleaning of foam filter elements. Includes SUPRA+ bio media. 3 year guarantee
£99.99 inc VAT
Fish Mate Pond PumpFish Mate Pond Pump
Fish Mate Pond Pump
Fish Mate Pond Pump Ideal for fountains and water features. Includes fountain set with 4 options. Low running cost. Pond-life friendly. 3 year guarantee. All supplied with a 10m cable. Pond Pump: 700 Part Code: 344 Description: Maximum flowrate: 700 L/H (154 GPH) Maximum head: 1.2m (4' 0") Outlet diameters: 13mm (0.5") Power consumption: 9 Watts Dimensions: L x W x H = 140 x 75...
from £36.99 inc VAT

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Marine Fish Information

At Homeleigh, we have an extensive range of more than 100 species of MARINE FISH for sale (in-store only) including the following: Jewel Puffer Peacock Wrasse Flashback Pigmy Basslet Algae Blenny Maroon Clown (Yellow) Goldstreak Blenny Powder Blue Tang Yellow Tailed Blue Damsel Clown Trigger Saffron...

Tropical Fish Information

At Homeleigh, we have an extensive range of TROPICAL FISH for sale (in-store only) including the following: TETRA DANIO OTHER Bentosi White Fin Tetra Zebra Danio Lamp Eye Black Phantom Tetra Giant Danio Black Ghost Knife Fish Rosy Tetra Leopard Danio Red Hook Bleeding...


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Fish Mate

Fish Mate are suppliers of innovative pond products including pond pumps, pond filters and clear pond systems. Everything that you need to keep your pond healthy and clean. Come to Homeleigh and see our large Aquatics Department, you won't be disappointed! We stock everything you need to maintain your pond, and even pond liners to make a pond. There...

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Gate Mate has one of the largest ranges of pre-packed door and gate fittings, all supplied with screws, fixings and fitting instructions. Gate Mate is is a Birkdale brand and was created in 2000 and over the years has gone from strength to strength and is now a well known and trusted brand nationwide. From simple bolts and hinges to complete gate...