Bird Baths

Bird love to take a dip in a bird bath. Especially in the summer when the weather is warm, it cools them and refreshes them. 

If you have a bird bath you will often see birds in them flapping their wings with delight.

Birds do not like the water level to be too deep so adding a few chippings or stones in the bottom will help to make them feel safe.

Don't forget, in the winter the birds still need a drink, so remember to break the ice when freezing so that they can still use it.

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Gardman Plastic Bird Bath Stone EffectGardman Plastic Bird Bath Stone Effect
Gardman Plastic Bird Bath Stone Effect
Provides a source of clean fresh water for bathing and drinking, vital for bird survival Provides a decorative source of drinking and bathing water for birds Made from tough weather and frost resistant material Supplied with 3 ground pegs for added support Simple to erect no tools required
£12.99 inc VAT