Homeleigh Aquatic Department has everything you need to create your own underwater display, a beautiful feature in any home.

They have a huge aquarium showroom with a terrific selection of tanks and cabinets of all shapes and sizes, with many different styles and colours available to compliment any living space.

These include brands like Juwel, Fluval, Aqua One, Reef One, Bubble Magus and Arcadia

There is a fantastic variety of tropical fish, shrimp, and snails, with over 150 sales tanks and new shipments arriving every week, all the usual species are always kept well stocked along with many unusual varieties.

Coldwater fish are also available with lots of varieties of fancy goldfish and many other interesting species.

They sell a wide range of foods, water treatments, disease remedies, and test kits with many brands on sale including; Tetra, Aquarian, API, NutrafinNT Labs and JBL they’re sure to have everything you need.

dory castle fish

Click on the links to see lists of just some of the TROPICAL and MARINE fish we have available in store.

If you are setting up a new aquarium then Homeleigh sell all the electrical equipment, like air pumps, heaters, internal and external filters, and lighting.

Top brands like Eheim, FluvalAqua One and Arcadia are included.

There is a very large selection of ornaments, plastic plants, backgrounds, rocks, wood, and many different coloured gravel’s to help you to decorate your aquarium.

Maintaining your tank is made easy with all the cleaning equipment they sell as well as spare filter media and foams.

Aquarium Plants
Good quality bunched, potted, and large specimen aquarium plants by Tropica are for sale in store

They also have specialist equipment by Tropica, Seachem and JBL including; lighting, CO2, substrates, heat cables and fertilisers, so you can create your own stunning planted display.

Homeleigh Aquatics has a very comprehensive marine section providing good quality fish, corals and other invertebrates, with new stock arriving each week at very reasonable prices.

They have cured premium grade Fijian live rock for sale competitively priced with bulk rates available.

All the equipment required to set up and maintain a spectacular reef is on sale from salt, additives, and test kits to protein skimmers, wave machines, and lighting.

With brands such as Deltec, Rowa, D+D, SalifertEheim, TMC, and Hydor, it’s a one stop shop for beginners or experts.


Water Gardening

Homeleigh Garden Centre’s Aquatic Department has everything you need to create a beautiful water garden.

They have a huge selection of pre-formed fibreglass or plastic ponds and waterfalls with Atlantis, Lotus and Bermuda available at very competitive prices.

If you‘d rather create your own unique design then they sell Gordon Low flexible pond liner and underlay.

Green Seal EPDM rubber and PVC of different grades are in stock, with almost any size available all with lifetime guarantees.

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Homeleigh have a vast selection of pond pumps, UVC filtration systems, and vacuums, with top brands such as; Oase, Fishmate, Hozelock, Oasis and Bermuda

We also stock pipe, pipe fittings and weather proof electrical equipment for easy installation.

The selection of water plants is very comprehensive, including; many varieties of water lily, a wide range of marginal and bog plants, and several oxygenating pond plants all at a very high standard.

We stock all the equipment needed for re-potting and feeding your water plants, such as; pond plant baskets, aquatic compost, hessian liners, gravel, and plant fertiliser tablets and liquids.

Homeleigh stock a good selection of healthy fish with Goldfish right up to large high grade Koi excellent in value and quality.

Caring for your fish is made easy with their extensive range of food, water treatments, and fish disease remedies.

Top food brands such as; Tetra, API, Nt labs, and Fluval, and Vitalis mean that all types and sizes of fish are catered for.

We also do our own brand fish food which is fantastic value.

They sell a large array of pond treatments for setting up new ponds, maintaining existing ones, and curing or preventing fish diseases.

Lots of brands on sale like; Nt Labs, Blagdon, Tetra, Laguna 

Water Features
If you don’t have the room for a pond but would like the sound of running water in your garden take a look at Homeleigh’s attractive range of self contained water features.

They all come complete with pump and pipe so all you have to do is add water.

They are lightweight and come boxed so are easy to take away.

There’s also a good range of solar powered water features complete with panel and pump.

Lots of brands on sale: Smart Solar, Henri, Aqua Creation, and Bermuda