Homeleigh Angling Centre is a true destination store for all types of anglers.

Covering all varieties of fishing, including sea, specimen carp, fresh water fly, saltwater fly, spin, coarse, match, fly tying, and specimen sea bass.

Each category listed above is very well stocked from all the top brands and products to budget ranges.

At Homeleigh the staff offer great advice and are very enthusiastic self accomplished anglers, who are passionate about fishing and helping those who are keen to learn or need help.

Fishing at Homeleigh

We have a ¾ mile stretch on the river Tamar, which offers anglers a delightful day on the bank.

Any method is allowed, be it up stream dry fly fishing for small trout, nymphing for grayling or spinning for salmon and sea trout.

It’s a beautiful stretch of water that offers a fantastic day out for great value.

Sea Fishing

The sea section in the angling centre caters for all types of sea anglers such as rough ground, beach casters, boat, pier, lure and even the ever increasing kayak angler.

They supply all the important rig bits, clothing and rods and reels.

They stock a fantastic selection of bait both frozen and fresh live bait.

They sell frozen sand eels with all the accessories you need to keep them.

Live peeler crab and live rag worm.

On the frozen side of things they stock most things such as squid, baby squid, mackerel fillets, whole mackerel, sand eel, black lug plus much more.

Rods and Reels
They carry a great selection of sea rods including boat, plugging rods, pier rods, uptide rods, beach casters and even kayak.

They cater for all classes of sea angler so whether you are just looking to get in to it and need a basic starter kit or whether your a competent angler looking to cast a lead at the sun they have the rod for you.

If its rig bits you are looking for then look no further because they have all you could possibly need, not to mention all the other bits they sell such as rig wallets, beach tripods, boat rests, tackle boxes and even lead moulds plus loads more useful bits and tools.

They also carry a good selection of ready made rigs for boat and shore fishing, and a good range of mackerel feathers at very good prices

They have an outstanding selection of saltwater lures at Homeleigh.

The angling centre really does boast a fantastic selection for sea bass fishing, which is becoming very popular.

They carry lots of Rapala, Yo-Zuri, Williamson and many more brands.

There lures cover all aspects whether its deep diving, surface poppers, shallow diving, casting or trawling lures you are looking for, they carry it all.

Specimen Carp Fishing

Homeleigh garden centre covers all aspects of the specimen carp fishing market in real depth.

They stock all the top brands right through the range of all the carp gizmos.

They have a great selection of bait in the angling centre which includes most things mainline.

A fantastic range of top quality frozen boillies and pastes.

Not to mention the range of other products they stock which includes, P.V.A friendly particles, pellets, pop ups, stick mixes and artificial they have the bait for all your angling needs whether its short sessions or long heavy baiting sessions they will always be able to cater for your needs.

Bivvies and Shelters
The selection of bivvies they have at homeleigh is great from all the top brands such as Trakker, J.R.C, Fox and Chub.

They stock a vast selection in 1 and 2 man bivvies and short stay shelters and even full system brollies.

If you are in the market for a new bivvy, shelter or brolly then get to homeleigh and take a look at what they have to offer and don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

The selection of bite alarms in the angling centre cover all aspects of alarms, from the latest and greatest fox alarms to the budget Wychwood or Ron Thompson. If you are looking for sounder box weather its wireless or not at homeleigh they will always be able to offer you something.

Rods and Reels
At Homeleigh they have a great range of rods to suite all specimen carp anglers no matter what your situation is. If its long ranges with big leads or P.V.A bags, or even light rods for the purist, not to mention 40 or 50mm rings.

They have a range to suite all anglers needs.

They also carry a good selection of reels from big pits to baitrunners, and stock the leading brands such as Shimano, Fox, Daiwa and Okuma.

The selection of luggage that they stock at homeleigh is fantastic, they have a good variation of stock such as, rod bags, quivers, cool bags, rig wallets, buzz bar bags plus much more.

These products are competitively priced, and are all of a great quality.

They also have a good selection of barrows to help you carry your luggage.

Terminal Tackle
In the angling centre they carry a fantastic selection of hooks which includes the full Korda, E.S.P and Fox range plus much more.

They also stock the full range of Fox, Korda and E.S.P terminal tackle not to mention many other top brands.

It’s a one stop shop for any keen specimen carp angler.

General Accessories
In the angling centre they carry a massive selection of other bits that are sure to make the hours you spend on the bank far more enjoyable.

Such as gas stoves and other general cook wear polarised sunglasses so that the massive fish can’t go unmissed.

And the all important head lights of which they carry a good variety of stock.

Chairs and Bed Chairs
They carry a great looking selection of chairs and bed chairs made by all the leading manufacturers.

Whether you are looking for a budget bed chair or chair, or an all singing and dancing one they are sure to stock the chair for your needs.

They carry all the clothing you could ever need when carp fishing such as thermal under clothing, light and heavy weight water proofs.

They even sell clothing that will make you look like a tree.

Fly Fishing

At Homeleigh we stock everything that you could possibly need for a good day on the fly, whether it’s on the river, lake or sea.


Fly Rods & Reels
Their choice of rods and reels on fly fishing is fantastic you can find small brook rods from 6’ 6’ to full 15’ salmon Spey rods.

And they cater for all classes of angler whether you are just thinking of getting started or whether you’re a connoisseur, they are sure to have the rod for you.

They even have a pond which you can cast the rods on.

As far as reels go they have the full range of Grey’s which offer fantastic value withfantastic performance.

And Hardy which is a reel with a real touch of class these are stunning reels that are built to the highest quality.

They also stock more budget reels as well.

Fly Lines
In the angling centre they stock a comprehensive range of fly lines covering all sizes, weights and price point.

Made by Hardy, Greys, Shakespeare, Airflow and Scientific Angler.

In the angling centre they have a stunning selection of trout, salmon, sea trout, pike and saltwater flies

Made by Donegal, and Turrall.

Fly Tying
They have a massive selection of fly tying materials, all of which are top quality.

Their product ranges include tubes, beads, capes, hackles, fur, hairs, varnish, tools, vices, threads, glues, fritz, chenille, wing cases, waxes, and books.

Their selection is fantastic and caters for all aspects of fly tying.

Clothing and Waders
At Homeleigh they stock a brilliant choice of clothing to suit all seasons and fishing conditions whether it’s full waterproofs or tropical u.v protective fishing shirts or even a nice wading outfit they have it covered with wading jackets and vests.

They also stock a range of waders from hip to chest in neoprene or breathable.

Fly Fishing Accessories
In the angling centre they have all those little bits you could ever ask for if its tools such as zingers, snips or pliers. or end bits such as strike indicators, Gink, quick clips, braided loops or sinking putty.

Coarse & Match Fishing

They cover a very broad spectrum of coarse fishing and match fishing tackle in the angling centre.

But once again you can almost guarantee they will have exactly what you are looking for from brollies to trolleys.

You won’t find your self struggling for what you need to use for bait because they have a fantastic selection of ground baits and fresh live bait is always in stock.

Rods and Reels
In the angling centre they carry a good selection of all types of rods which include Avon, feeder and float rods.

They cover all price brackets from cheap starter kits, to the prestigious Hardy coarse rod which is the only angling centre in Cornwall to stock them.

They also carry a great selection of reels to cover all types of angler from Hardy or Young’s centre pin reels to Shimano’s more modern influence of fixed spools not to mention other brands like Fox, Drennan and Okuma.

They carry a great selection of bait in Homeleigh angling centre such as paste, pellets, liquids, particles, maggots, worms and ground baits in all the top brands.

You can guarantee that you will always be able to find bait that will catch you a fish what ever the conditions.

Terminal Tackle
The terminal tackle they sell in the coarse section offers a wide variety of choice no matter what it is that you are looking for.

They have a great selection of hooks to nylon, hooks, feeders, floats, pole floats, line, and all the other little bits that you could ever need.

Luggage and Accessories
They carry a vast selection of coarse and match luggage which includes rod bags, carryalls, ground bait bowls and the all important stink bags plus many other useful items.

They also carry a good range of nets and keep nets available in rubber or nylon.

There is also a nice selection of chairs and seat boxes.

They also carry a good selection of brollies which will suit all classes of angler from pole brollies with windows to more basic models all offering fantastic value.