Marine Fish Information

At Homeleigh, we have an extensive range of more than 100 species of MARINE FISH for sale (in-store only) including the following:

Jewel Puffer

Peacock Wrasse

Flashback Pigmy Basslet

Algae Blenny

Maroon Clown (Yellow)

Goldstreak Blenny

Powder Blue Tang

Yellow Tailed Blue Damsel

Clown Trigger

Saffron Goby

Longhorn owfish

Neon Velvet Damsel

Canary Blenny

Long Nose Hawk

Gold Rush Tang

Coral Beauty

Fire Fish

Potters Angel

Lumula Butterfly

Yellow Tailed Purple Tang

Orchid Dottyback

Purple Fin Fish

Flame Angel

Black and White Percula Clown

Emperors Cardinaal

Cleaner Wrasse

Blue Neon Goby

Boxer Crab

Mandarin Goby

Picasso Trigger

Fire Shrimp

Arrow Goby

Emperor Angel

Brown Salifin Tang

Fuzyy Dwarf Lionfish

Vampire Tang

Blue Trigger

Spotted Anemone Crab

Fox Face (Black Spot)

Pink Lobster


Stock may vary from a day-to-day basis, do please feel free to get in touch on 01566 771878 for more information