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Lotus Greenways Barley Straw Pond Logs x 3
Lotus Greenways Barley Straw Pond Logs x 3
Proven to be effective in cleaning pondsNo need to use harsh chemicals to clean your pond.Environmentally friendly, natural and works just as well as other methodsSuitable for use all year round, and will not harm other plants or fish in your pond. Single log will treat 3000 litres.
£5.99 inc VAT
Lotus Diamond Feature PumpLotus Diamond Feature Pump
Lotus Diamond Feature Pump
Lotus Little Diamond water feature pumps are just the thing for small water features, pond side ornaments or pebble pools. Powerful, compact and featuring an adjustable flow rate, these are designed for 24/7 running. They're also foam free and have an anti clog filter cage which reduces the need for cleaning. Available in 320, 750, 1100, 1800 and 2500 lph Adjustable flow rate Powerful yet silent Robust...
from £34.99 inc VAT

Lotus Otter Legend Pond PumpsLotus Otter Legend Pond Pumps
Lotus Otter Legend Pond Pumps
The Otter Legend is a range of pond fountain pumps which are ideal for a wide variety of jobs within a garden pond, such as powering pebble pools, pond side ornaments or fountain displays. The range has seven sizes with flowrate's ranging from 800 lph - 6000 lph. The Otter Legend 800 is supplied with a control valve, three fountain heads (1 x daisy and 2 x bell) and extensions sections. The Otter Legend...
from £28.99 inc VAT
Lotus Maximus Eco Feature PumpLotus Maximus Eco Feature Pump
Lotus Maximus Eco Feature Pump
The Lotus Maximus Eco Pumps deliver higher performance with a new advanced energy efficient motor and impellor system, reducing running costs and the impact on the environment.The Lotus Maximus Eco is designed for the toughest pond conditions with a robust pump motor and impellor. The silent and powerful operation is ideal for running a filter system, waterfall or fountain.The Maximus Eco incorporates...
from £59.99 inc VAT

Lotus Olympus Pro Filter PumpLotus Olympus Pro Filter Pump
Lotus Olympus Pro Filter Pump
The New Olympus Pro range of pumps from Lotus are a completely new design of powerful filter or waterfall pumps, which follow in the footsteps of the previous designs which have always provided high flowrates with low power consumption at very good prices. The Lotus Olympus Pro filter pumps have a robust cage allows 6mm waste through and the anti clog impellor pumps this waste through to your filter...
from £149.99 inc VAT
Lotus Green Genie FilterLotus Green Genie Filter
Lotus Green Genie Filter
Dimple Foam and Flocor filter-medium combine with an intergral spray bar to ensure optimum mechanical and biological efficiency. Proven technology of the Lotus ultra violet clarifier completes the clear water process. All models are fitted with a Vari-Flow valve which allows the system to be used with all pumps. The position of the outlet makes it possible for the Lotus Green Genie to be partially...
from £69.99 inc VAT

Lotus All In One Pond Filter Kit - 8Watt U.V & 1500Ltr Pump
Lotus All In One Pond Filter Kit - 8Watt U.V & 1500Ltr Pump
This All-In-One kit is everything you require in one box ready for easy installation. Includes: Pond Pump Otter 1500 - Combined Bio Filter & 8w UVC - 5mtr Hose and 2 Clips. Depth: 27 CM Height: 28 CM Width: 38 CM Care Instructions: Included
£99.99 inc VAT
Lotus Clear Pond 3 Stage Filter System – 50 – 50Watt Uv
Lotus Clear Pond 3 Stage Filter System – 50 – 50Watt Uv
Oasis Clear Pond Filter Systems come with a high powered UVC to ensure green water elimination. The multi chamber design includes filter brushes to catch physical waste and the filter foam cartridges and flocor help create a mass area for beneficial bacteria, which break down harmful toxins. The Back Flush (de-sludge) system is a simple way to remove silt and sludge build up from the filter tank. Creates...
£279.99 inc VAT

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