Media Area

Homeleigh Garden Centre logo should be used by HGC's partner organisations and bodies supported or sponsered by HGC, and may be used by other organisations with a legitimate need to create literature using the HGC logo, subject to the following terms and conditions.

The logo must be used unamended - it must not be edited, separated, distorted, re-sized or re-coloured in any way.

It must be displayed on a white background, together with a border of white space, no less than 7mm.

Misleading or inappropriate use; Endorsements; Approvals
The Homeleigh Garden Centre logo must not be used in any derogatory or misleading manner. It must not (without explicit, written consent from HGC to the proposed use) be used in such a way that it could be taken as a form of endorsement or appproval.

If you need advice on accommodating the logo within your design, or you require a higher resolution/larger version of Homeleigh Garden Centre logo, please contact us.