Fenix have been specialising in LED torches for over 10 years now, so you can rest assured that you are buying a reputable brand.

The high quality flashlights and head-torches have everything you could ask for;

powerful, small, lightweight and waterproof with an incredibly long battery life.

Fenix torches are made from aircraft grade aluminium with an extra tough anodised finish.

These little torches are ideal for hunting, fishing and camping. They are great for walking the dogs on those dark winter mornings and evening. They will fit in your pocket so they are easy to carry with you.

We stock Fenix torches and head light torches here at Homeleigh, we also have a selection of Fenix on our website too.


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Fenix HL15 Head Torch 200lm
Fenix HL15 Head Torch 200lm
The Fenix HL15 headlamp is designed with the runner in mind. This headlamp is equipped with a reflective headband that directs sweat away from your eyes, a neutral white LED for better color rendering and two red LEDs for better night vision or to use as a flashing alert. Protected by its IP67 dustproof and water resistance, and powered by two AAA batteries, this light-weight headlamp is perfect for...
£29.95 inc VAT
Fenix HL26R Head Torch Blue 450lm
Fenix HL26R Head Torch Blue 450lm
The Fenix HL26R is an ultra lightweight rechargeable headlamp specifically designed for trail running. With built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery, it can be charged through Micro USB port. Featuring spotlight and floodlight, dual switches for fast operation, plus IP66 rated structure and fully reflective headband, the HL26R is competent for the complex environments of trail running and long distance...
£49.95 inc VAT

Fenix CL25R Camping Lantern 350 LumensFenix CL25R Camping Lantern 350 Lumens
Fenix CL25R Camping Lantern 350 Lumens
Fenix CL25R Camping Lantern 350 Lumens - Black This rechargeable, all-season camping lantern illuminates large areas up to 82 feet in diameter with its 350 maximum lumen output, and also features a reliable Micro-USB for go-anywhere charging. The CL25R’s versatile brightness levels and mounting options, combined with its extreme compact size make it the perfect tool for any outdoor night activity...
£59.99 inc VAT
Fenix HP30R LED Head Torch 1750lm
Fenix HP30R LED Head Torch 1750lm
The Fenix HP30R headlamp has a maximum output of 1750 lumens from the XM-L2 LED and is powered by an included 2 x 18650 2600mAh battery pack. The head torch offers twin beams of spotlight and floodlight which can be used individually or simultaneously, providing the ideal light source in any situation. The spotlight has ranges from 30 to 1000 lumens and the floodlight from 5 to 750 lumens. The HP30R...
£129.95 inc VAT