Easy Life

Easy Life

Easy Life have professional aquarium and pond products such as Water conditioners, Plant fertilisers, Medication and Filter media.

It is important to maintain your aquarium to keep your fish and plants healthy.

Here at Homeleigh we have lots of useful products to help making the maintenence of your tanks as easy as possible.

Come and have a look instore or online.

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Easy-life Easycarbo Fertilizer
Easy-life Easycarbo Fertilizer
EasyCarbo is a very powerful and effective source for aquarium plants. A strong growth improvement is noticeable after 1 to 2 weeks. Usable with or without CO2 addition. Algae will have great difficulties to sustain themselves, due to a better plant growth. Very good to combine with the universal fertilizer ProFito. Tanks with minimal plants - 1ml per 100 litresTanks with fair amount of plants...
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