Terms and Conditions

Homeleigh Reward Club Privacy Policy

 What information will we use?

By participating in the Homeleigh Reward Club (known as “Reward Club”), we will collect and use information about you. This information includes your registration details, information about the use of your Reward card, shopping purchases and other information that you give us (together “your information”).

How will your information be used?

Your information may be analysed to see how you use the Reward Club programme, to understand your shopping behaviour and to send you information and offers for the products or services which are most likely to interest you. Please be aware that any marketing communication will be limited to a maximum of 2 communications per month.

You have the option to opt in or out of receiving marketing communications at the point of initial registration to the Reward Club. Following this you have the option to opt out of receiving these marketing communications, at any time, by emailing epos@homeleigh.co.uk or clicking unsubscribe in any email correspondence. 

If you choose to opt out of these communications only Homeleigh staff involved in administrating the Reward Club programme have access to your shopping transaction data. Personal information can only be accessed by certain members of our company, currently this is limited to the Directors, General Manager, Finance Manager and the Online / EPOS operations team.

Apart from marketing communications (which will detail new products, offers, new about Homeleigh etc) we may also send you vouchers for discounts or additional points on certain products. These are deemed to be outside of 'marketing' communications and are a benefit of being part of the Reward Club. If you wish to not receiveany vouchers, please email epos@homeleigh.co.uk.

Who will we share your information with?

We will only share your information within the Homeleigh group for the purpose stated above, plus marketing companies which we engage with to run promotions, issue vouchers etc. Your data will never be sold or shared with anyone else. As we work with Marketing companies we will detail here their names and details of what is being shared to run promotions. We will ensure our contracts with these marketing companies ensures that they cannot use your data for any purpose other than what is stated in the contract and that they cannot pass or sell your data on. 

Can I access my data?

The Data Protection Act 1998 was established to govern online electronic communications. The act gives you access to any data we have about you. To gain access to this information a small fee of £10 is required. This fee allows us to process your request by covering our costs. Please contact epos@homeleigh.co.uk to gain details about information we hold on you.

We are Homeleigh Garden Centre Ltd, a company registered in England under number 04622982. Our registered office is at Dutson, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 9SP. Homeleigh Garden Centre Ltd complies with the UK Data Protection Act 1998.


Homeleigh Garden Centre Vouchers

  1. From the 1st March 2018 we will no longer be selling or issuing Homeleigh Vouchers in our Launceston Branch, due the introduction of our new Homeleigh Gift Cards.
  2. Any existing Homeleigh Vouchers purchased prior to the 1st of March 2018 can still be redeemed and do not have an expiry date.
  3. The Homeleigh Vouchers cannot be redeemed in Homeleigh Hair and Beauty, at Homeleigh.co.uk, in our concessions (Dog Groomers or Car Wash) or on telephone orders.
  4. In our Launceston Branch, where a Homeleigh Voucher is used to purchase goods for less than the voucher value, the monies owed will be transferred onto a Homeleigh Gift Card which has to be redeemed within 2 years of being issued (instead of a credit note being issued).
  5. In our Launceston Branch, where a Homeleigh Voucher is used to purchase goods that have been returned due to fault or no longer required, the monies owed will be transferred onto a Homeleigh Gift Card which has to be redeemed within 2 years of being issued (instead of a credit note being issued).
  6. Homeleigh Vouchers will continue to be sold in our Crediton Branch only, with a minimum value of £1 and a maximum value of £250.
  7. Please protect your voucher and treat it as cash; we cannot replace lost, stolen or damaged vouchers.
  8. We reserve the right to amend the voucher terms and conditions at any time, where we consider it reasonable and necessary to do so.
  9. These terms and conditions can also be found at www.homeleigh.co.uk.

Homeleigh Hair and Beauty Vouchers

  1. Homeleigh Hair and Beauty Vouchers can only be purchased and redeemed at Homeleigh Hair and Beauty.
  2. Homeleigh Hair and Beauty does not accept Homeleigh Vouchers or Homeleigh Gift cards, nor can they sell them.
  3. There is no expiry date on a Homeleigh Hair and Beauty Voucher unless stated.
  4. Where a Homeleigh Hair and Beauty Voucher is used to purchase goods or service for less than the voucher value, the monies remaining will be amended on the voucher and updated within the till system.
  5. Please protect your voucher and treat it as cash; we cannot replace lost, stolen or damaged vouchers.
  6. Homeleigh Hair and Beauty Vouchers can be purchased with a minimum value of £1 and a maximum value of £250.
  7. We reserve the right to amend the Homeleigh Hair and Beauty Voucher terms and conditions from time to time where we consider it reasonable and necessary to do so.
  8. These terms and conditions can also be found at www.homeleigh.co.uk.


Homeleigh Reward Club Terms and Conditions


  1. These Rules (including our Homeleigh Privacy Policy) govern the collection and use of Points.
  2. The Reward Club is in effect from 5th March 2018 and any purchases made prior to this date are not eligible to earn points.
  3. We will set up a Reward Club Account to record Points earned or redeemed within the Launceston Branch of Homeleigh Garden Centre.
  4. Reward Club points cannot currently be earned or redeemed at our Crediton Branch or at Homeleigh.co.uk
  5. The Reward Club offers 1 Point for every whole £1 spent in each transaction. For example, a spend of £3.35 will earn 3 Points.
  6. Reward Club does not operate in any concessions within our Stores (i.e. Car Wash and Pet Grooming) and points cannot be earned or redeemed within these concessions.
  7. Reward Club runs across all Homeleigh departments except Homeleigh Hair and Beauty which operates its own loyalty scheme. Points earned via Reward Club cannot be earned or redeemed in Homeleigh Hair and Beauty. Where there are other specific exclusions these will be clearly displayed.
  8. Reward Club may, from time to time, run additional points events. These will be displayed within Store and on Homeleigh.co.uk.
  9. Points cannot be redeemed until credited to a Reward Account, this may take up to 24 hours to fully credit.
  10. Each Point is worth 1p when redeemed against purchases in our Launceston Branch.
  11. Points have no cash value and cannot be refunded for cash or other credit.
  12. Points are not earned when purchasing / loading additional funds onto a Homeleigh Gift Card. However points are earned on purchases where the Homeleigh Gift Card is used as full or part payment.
  13. Customers which hold accounts and are invoiced for goods purchased are not eligible for the Homeleigh Reward Club.
  14. To redeem points, the card must be registered (Name, Address, Telephone and Email), please allow up to 5 working days for your Reward Card to be registered on our system.
  15. All Reward Club collectors must have a resident UK, Channel Island or Isle of Man address. Changes of address, surnames, titles and email addresses must be notified to us (via epos@homeleigh.co.uk). Collectors must be over 18.
  16. Points have no expiry date but are lost if the relevant Reward Club Account is closed or the Reward Club programme ends.
  17. Redeemed Points cannot be used again. If a transaction on which Points are issued or redeemed is cancelled, reversed or not completed, we will reverse the associated Points movement. If insufficient Points are available, or we suspect fraud or misconduct, Rewards may be refused or cancelled.
  18. Points are personal to a Reward Club Account and cannot normally be transferred. Points can only be transferred from a Reward Club Account to another Reward Club Account on death or divorce if adequate evidence of the legal division of Points is given to us.
  19. Points can only be earned, held, transferred or redeemed as set out in these Rules. Any other use, award, sale, exchange or transfer of Points, or attempt to do so, is a serious breach of these Rules. Any Points not earned and held in accordance with these Rules will be invalid and cannot be redeemed for Rewards. Any such Points on a Reward Club Account will be deducted.
  20. Points from more than one Reward Club Account cannot be combined to redeem on the same till transaction.
  21. If a Collector forgets to present their Reward Club card when purchasing eligible products, these can be added to the Reward Card at a later date (within 3 months of the date on the receipt, and the receipt dated on/after 5th March 2018) by presenting the receipt and the Reward Card to the till staff. These points will be credited on a 1point per whole £1 spent regardless if there were additional promotional points on offer at the time of the original purchase.
  22. Our Reward Club Privacy Policy (which is part of these Rules) sets out the information that we will gather on Reward Club Collectors, how a Reward Club Collector uses his/her Reward Card and earns and redeems Points, how this information will be used and who it may be shared with. It is included on every registration form, on certain other materials we publish and is available from us. We will comply with our Reward Club Privacy Statement – every Reward Club Collector should read it carefully. If a Reward Club Collector notifies us that they do not wish to receive marketing information from us or be contacted by us for promotional purposes in connection with Reward Club we will remove them from the marketing list.
  23. Reward Club Cards remain the property of Homeleigh Garden Centre Ltd and must be returned to us on request or destroyed when no longer valid for use. The Collector is responsible for the security of the Reward Club Card issued on his/her Reward Club Account and all Vouchers issued on that account. If a Reward Club Card is lost, they should contact epos@homeleigh.co.uk immediately. Vouchers should be treated like cash. We cannot be responsible for any unauthorised use of Points or any lost or stolen Vouchers.
  24. We may close any Reward Club Account on which no Points have been earned or redeemed for a continuous period of at least 12 months. We may also, on notifying the Collector, immediately suspend or terminate the rights of any Collector, and/or close any relevant Reward Club Account, if they breach these Rules, if we reasonably believe that they have dealt with Points in a manner not permitted by these Rules, if there is any theft from or misconduct in connection with us, if they supply false or misleading information to us or if they are abusive or offensive to any member of our staff. A Collector can close his/her Reward Club Account at any time by notifying us at epos@homeleigh.co.uk. If a Reward Club Account is closed everyone’s rights to redeem Points from that Reward Club Account are lost.
  25. We may make changes to these Rules at any time and we reserve the right to cancel or change the Rewards Club without any notice. Earning or redeeming Points on a Reward Club Account will constitute acceptance of the revised Rules. We may suspend or terminate Reward Club at ANY time, if this happens all Reward Club Accounts will be suspended or terminated, along with any points collected.