November is a great time to plan ahead and decide what new plants you’d like to introduce into your garden.

✓ Hedges – November is the ideal month to plant a hedge. Whether it’s box, privet or hawthorn, a hedge helps to protect your garden from the elements. Hedges make useful windbreaks, they’re good for wildlife, and they provide a more attractive option than a fence.

✓ Dogwood – If you enjoy late autumn and winter colour then now’s the time to plant red-barked dogwoods. Offering bright variegated leaves followed by glorious red stems in winter, dogwood is a wonderfully colourful and easy to maintain shrub.

✓ Roses – There are a vast array of roses available at this time of year that can be planted between November and March. Choose from climbers and ramblers to fragrant classic English varieties.

✓ Winter bedding plants – Pansies, violas and wallflowers can still be planted in pots or beds. Try adding some winter-flowering heather for an even more eye-catching display.

✓ Spring bulbs – The most enjoyable of gardening tasks, planning a glorious springtime display of flowers. Now’s the time to plant a range of spring bulbs including tulips, daffodils and crocuses.