If your garden is in need of some beautiful summer blooms, here are some flowering plants that are looking glorious this June:

✓ Delphiniums – Plant now for impressive cottage-style flowers in upright stems which look great in a border.

✓ Dahlias – These stunning showy flowers come in a wide range of colours and they’re great for cutting.

✓ Fuchsias – An attractive, often pendant flowering plant that will bloom virtually all summer long.

✓ Geraniums – Easy to grow and often producing a sweet scent, these popular plants are perfect for hanging baskets.

✓ Hydrangeas – Long lasting flowers that differ in colour depending on the PH of the soil in which they are planted.

✓ Salvias – Tubular flowers in a large variety of colours which are often scented.

We’ve got a fantastic selection of flowering plants in all of our stores, ready to transform your garden this summer.