If you’re growing your own fruit and veg this autumn, you are going to need a big basket to collect all of the goodies that’ll be ready to harvest this September! This is the incredible selection of produce you can look forward to harvesting:

✓ Apples
✓ Artichoke (after 1 year of growing)
✓ Asparagus (after 2 years of growing)
✓ Aubergine
✓ Beans (broad, french and runner)
✓ Beetroot
✓ Blackberries
✓ Cabbage
✓ Carrots
✓ Chilli peppers
✓ Courgettes
✓ Cucumbers
✓ Figs
✓ Marrows
✓ Parsnips
✓ Peas
✓ Peppers
✓ Potatoes
✓ Pumpkins
✓ Raspberries
✓ Squash
✓ Sweetcorn
✓ Tomatoes

If you’ve suddenly been inundated by ripe chilli peppers, why not tie each one individually along a piece of garden twine; not only does it make a lovely decoration for the kitchen but it’ll also dry them out ready for your winter cooking.

You could also consider preserving your chillies and chargrilled peppers in oil to enjoy over the next few months.

If you are keen to grow your own and enjoy fresh produce like this each month, keep an eye on our ‘Grow Your Own’ guides to see what you can plant each month ready to enjoy later in the year, along with our top gardening tips.