As the nights draw in, it’s a lovely time to enjoy the fruits of your garden labour. Here’s just some of the produce you can harvest:

✓ Brussels sprouts – Early maturing varieties of sprouts are ready to harvest. Remember to pick sprouts from the bottom of the stem upwards. You can also eat the young leaves at the stalk tops, known as sprout tops, just as you would spring greens.

✓ Turnips – It’s time to lift turnips before the ground starts to freeze. These can be stored for eating later in the winter.

✓ Cauliflowers – Only harvest cauliflowers as you need them. There’s no hurry as they’ve stopped growing by this time, so you can enjoy them as required.

✓ Kale – The beauty of kale is that it’s extremely hardy. You can pick full-grown leaves now and carry on picking them over the winter.

✓ Leeks – Always gently harvest leeks using a fork. Don’t try to pull them up as you could snap the stems.

✓ Raspberries – Now’s the time to pick any autumn raspberries before the first frosts start to appear