Gardens across the country are bursting into life this month. If you are growing your own fruit and veg here is what you can look forward to harvesting in June:

✓ Beans (broad and French)
✓ Beetroot
✓ Carrots (short rooted)
✓ Chard
✓ Garlic
✓ Gooseberries
✓ Lettuce
✓ Mangetout
✓ Peas (first and second early)
✓ Potatoes (first early)
✓ Radishes
✓ Raspberries (summer)
✓ Rhubarb (in it’s second year of growing)
✓ Spinach (summer)
✓ Spring onions
✓ Strawberries
✓ Turnips

Rhubarb and strawberry is a flavour match made in heaven so why not whip up some easy desserts with layers of vanilla yoghurt, stewed rhubarb, fresh strawberry slices and a sprinkling of crunchy granola?

Or what about a summertime bubble and squeak with mashed potatoes, broad beans, wilted spinach and slices of spring onion?

If you are keen to grow your own and enjoy fresh produce like this each month, keep an eye on our ‘Grow Your Own’ guides to see what you can plant each month ready to enjoy later on, along with our top gardening tips.