Houseplants are becoming more and more popular! If you’ve got the space, why not add a statement palm to your home to breath life into your living room?

Our featured plant this month is the Bamboo Palm (Areca Palm) which is a graceful, easy-care houseplant that is perfect for newbies.

The Bamboo Palm has many neatly growing upright stems leading to a mass of elegant, feathery leaves which will add a tropical vibe to your home.

It can grow by 15-25cm per year until it reaches it’s adult height, which is usually between 180 – 210cm. You’ll need to re-pot your palm every two or three years.

Tips for caring for your palm:

✓ Plant your palm in well draining soil in a pot with drainage holes – it doesn’t like being waterlogged.

✓ It likes a bright spot with indirect sunlight (south west facing is good) and is best kept away from radiators and draughts.

✓ Your palm will need watering every couple of days during the summer but during the winter reduce the frequency and let the soil dry out almost completely before watering again.

✓ Feed your palm with a weak liquid fertiliser once or twice when it is growing.

✓ Prune any brown or yellow stems and trim off any brown tips. Don’t trim the tallest tip on the plant as this can stop the plant from growing.

Tips for styling your palm:

✓ You can maximise the space in your home by using plant stands to raise younger plants up so that they are displayed more clearly and to prevent the leaves from interfering with tables and sideboards.

✓ Pick a pot that complements your decor. If in doubt opt for traditional terracotta which will go with almost any colour scheme, or a neutral pot such as a grey or white.

✓ If you’re grouping plants together, go for odd numbers such as three or five in differing sizes. Mix and match your pots in complementing colours but different textures to make an eye-catching display.