If you have been lucky and had a bumper crop this autumn, you might now face a problem. A glut of fruit and veg is a wonderful thing, but how can you make it last?

✓ Apples and Pears – Store simply in a cool dry place in layers. Check weekly for bad apples, but otherwise they can last for many months.

✓ Root Vegetables – Brush off any soil residue and store in a cool dry place. Check on them every few days and if any have gone bad, remove immediately.

✓ Potatoes and Onions – Cover with newspaper, make sure they’re not touching and avoid letting light get to them.

✓ Squash and Pumpkins – Place them somewhere cool and dry but avoid them getting too cold. Check for mould weekly.

✓ Softer Items – These will keep for a week or two in the fridge or for some, in a cool, dry place. Check daily for rotten items. Try preserving these in pickles, chutneys and jam. Blanch and freeze items like beans. Stew and freeze items like raspberries. Cook courgettes and tomatoes with onions, and blend for a delicious Bolognese sauce.

A glut of fruit and veg can feel like a lot of work but storing it can be easy and you can make the most of it by swapping with friends and neighbours to get more variety.