The British Hedgehog Preservation Society has lots of advice to help you to protect your friendly neighbourhood hedgehogs and encourage them into your garden. Here are some of the hedgehog-friendly garden features that they recommend:

✓ HEDGEHOG HIGHWAY – Make sure there are small gaps in boundary fences and walls to allow for easy passage.

✓ LOG PILE – Create a log pile to provide a safe home for your spiky friends. It’ll attract an array of tasty insects for your hedgehogs to feed on.

✓ COMPOST HEAPS – Compost heaps also make a good hedgehog home and open air heaps will attract insects.

✓ LEAF PILES – The leaves can be used as a nesting site or as bedding material for your hedgehogs.

✓ OVERGROWN AREAS – It can be tempting to tidy up your garden but leaving an overgrown corner will encourage insects into the garden for your hedgehogs to feed on and can also provide a hibernation site.

✓ WILDFLOWERS – Creating a wildflower patch will attract insects and wildlife to your garden (and will also look beautiful!).

✓ PONDS – Ponds provide a water supply and also attract insects. Hedgehogs are good swimmers but make sure there is a gently sloping edge so they can escape if they fall in.

✓ HEDGEHOG HOME – If you are short on space for creating some of the natural hedgehog homes above, you can create a DIY version (see or purchase a ready made version from Homeleigh.

Don’t forget! Be careful when moving logs or digging into leaf piles and compost heaps in case you’ve already got a hedgehog living with you. It’s hibernation time soon so don’t forget to check out our range of tasty foods to help them stock up ready for the long winter ahead.