You may think there’s nothing more to be grown until next Spring, but some fruit and veg can still be planted:

✓ Broad beans – Unless you’re in a cold, exposed garden, you can make an autumn sowing of an over-wintering variety of broad bean, either in the ground or in a cold frame.

✓ Rhubarb – As it’s now dormant, November is the perfect time to plant new sets or propagate from an established plant. Spread compost around the stems but don’t cover the crowns.

✓ Fruit trees – November is the optimum time to plant fruit trees such as cherry, apple and pear.

✓ Berry bushes – Bushes of currants and gooseberries and canes of raspberries and blackberries can be planted this month before the ground becomes too wet and cold.

✓ Garlic – Because it needs a long growing period, November is the ideal time to plant garlic. It can be lifted in late summer when its foliage dies down.