If you fancy growing your own fruit and veg, there is still plenty you can plant this July:

✓ Beetroot – July is the last month for sowing beetroot seeds in the garden. 
✓ Beans (broad) – Delicious broad beans can still be sown in July.
✓ Cabbage, sprouts and cauliflowers – We’ve still got brassicas in stock at the garden centre, ready for planting out.
✓ Carrots – Hurry! July is the last month for sowing carrots for cropping this autumn.
✓ Chard – can be sown in July ready for fresh salads when picked young and stir fries if left to mature.
✓ Chicory – sow in July for autumn and early winter harvesting.
✓ Lettuce – can be sown right up until September for a continuous supply of salad leaves.
✓ Radishes – sow radish seeds right through the summer for a continuous supply.
✓ Turnips – sow out this July to enjoy roasted or in stews later in the autumn.

Always check your seed packets or individual plant information because sowing and planting instructions can vary between different varieties.