Charlie Bears - March Arrivals and Offers

We have our first delivery of 2019 Bears along with some more familiar faces. Splodge, Toadstool & Globetrotter are all part of the 2019 ranges while Daffodil, Dippy Egg, April & Scrambles are here to help us bring in the Spring.

Our main range of Charlie Bears will be in our Launceston store and we now have a collection at our Bude store. We are happy to transfer bears between stores (they are good travellers) to suit your convenience where to pick up your new bear.

Check out our website for the full range. For any extra information on stock, or to reserve a particular Bear, please contact Rob (furniture department) at our Launceston Branch on 01566 773147.

Remember that Charlie Bear stock is limited and once the bears are gone they will not be back.

Daffodil £42, Dippy Egg £26, April £50 & Scrambles £42

DAFFODIL has been with us before but now returns in time for Easter and joins our very own Springtime collection. Daffodil is an adorable lop-eared rabbit, with soft white plush fur, that has some black tipping and her dark eyes stand out from the white fur. Her inner ears are very soft, so perfect for stroking and her cream pads have pink stitched paws.

DIPPY EGG is a cute little chick, who has soft, fluffy creamy/beige fur, a beige beak, dark eyes and wears a brown checked ribbon.

APRIL the Lamb is made from soft, fluffy white plush fur and she has a black face, inner ears and paws, so her black and white polka dot ribbon is the perfect accessory. Her dark, twinkly eyes have a very endearing look and her little tail will be wagging excitedly, as she skips off to your home.

SCRAMBLES is a delightful duckling, with soft creamy beige fur, a beige beak, webbed feet and dark eyes. He wears a brown checked ribbon and sits perfectly in his half egg, called EGG CUP, which is available to buy separately.

Splodge £39 & Toadstool £57

SPLODGE is the perfect name for this bear as he is a wonderful confusion of colour! His soft and cuddly plush coat is made of a patchwork of colours, including blue, red, brown and olive green. The pattern is random, so each bear will be unique, making it extra special!

He has light coloured stitched paws, which make a lovely contrast to the fur and his golden hand-stitched nose also stands out. His cute dropped ears give him an endearing look, making him a great little bear for anyone.

TOADSTOOL has rich emerald fur is really thick and has lots of white tipping, but this tipping is missing on his muzzle as it has been shaved so that you can see his brown hand-stitched nose and mouth and dark twinkling eyes. His light paw pads stand out against the green fur and they have been sculpted and the claws are stitched in brown, to match his nose. He looks quite quirky, as his little ears peek out from the holes in his green felt hat, that has 3 felt leaves sewn onto the front.

Fisher £33

FISHER has thick, dense plush fur, in a mix of browns, small ears and his paws have been stitched to give a webbed look. He has a long-tapered tail and he wears an organza bow. Fisher is a very playful otter and so will make a great playmate for anyone!

Bearhouse Bears are non-jointed Charlie Bears at great prices. Suitable from 18 months of age and fully machine washable.

Globetrotter £25

It’s always great to be able to take a bear away with you, but often they are just too big, so when you can’t “bear” to be alone, this little bear is the perfect size for travelling with you, as he is only 7″ (18cm) in size and comes with his own burgundy drawstring travel bag, which has ‘Ready For Teddy Travels’ printed onto it. Globetrotter is made from soft and cuddly cream and beige fur, with dark eyes, a black hand-stitched nose and mouth and stitched claws and wears a brown and cream checked tie.

Fairylights £85 & Cornet £50

FAIRYLIGHTS is a very apt name for this cute little bear, as she is draped in lovely, colourful fairy lights, just like her partner DEC THE HALLS. She has soft, thick alpaca mohair fur, in hues of cream and beige and has a hand-stitched nose. The white under her dark eyes gives a soulful look, just asking for a cuddle.

CORNET Elephant MiniMo is from Charlie Bears Safari Collection. He’s made from sumptuous and cuddy alpaca fur in – what else – elephant grey! He has tan pads on his feet and paler inner ears. Cornet is fully jointed, and he wears a hand-made thong necklace with beads. Now at a lower price, now £50 (was £75)


Agatha – Was £45 Now £35

AGATHA is a traditional looking bear, with aqua blue fur, dark eyes and a hand-stitched nose. However, like the other members of her family, Agatha makes a noise! In her case she has a squeaker so that when you squeeze her, she talks back.

Seek – Was £42 Now £30

SEEK is a Meerkat and is the brother of Hide, both of whom were inspired by William and Charlie’s visit to Adelaide zoo. He is a similar to hide as they share many of the same characteristics but still look very different. He can stand alone, using his long tail for balance which gives him that alert look that we all associate with Meerkats.

Shadow – Was £195 Now £175

SHADOW is one of a set of three different big cats and big is definitely the correct term as they stand tall at 76cm(30″). They are highly collectable, as they are all Limited Editions of only 1,000 worldwide. Shadow has jet black fur, a super soft muzzle, piercing eyes and is finished with a green and brown scarf.