Keep your pond’s ecosystem intact this winter and invest in autumn pond care. Here are some steps you can take to keep your pond thriving over winter:

✓ Skim Debris – Fallen leaves and plant debris can cause havoc in your pond. Decomposing leaves build up toxic gasses, so ensure they are all removed this winter. Invest in a pond net or pond vacuum such as the Oase PondoVac to help you.

✓ Feed Fish – You might want to consider reducing the protein in the diet of your fish. Swap their regular food for wheatgerm and maintain the health of your scaly friends over these dormant months. Try Tetra Wheatgerm Sticks, available in our Launceston store.

✓ Cover Your Pond – Not only does a good pond net prevent fallen leaves and debris from getting into the water, it can also help protect your fish from herons at a time when there is little protection from plants. Try the Hozelock pond cover nets, available in various sizes.

✓ Water Parameters – Test the pH level of your pond water and you might find it has high levels of nitrites at this time of year. This can damage the delicate internal ecosystem. You can get additives to help restore the positive balance of bacteria.

✓ A Little Heat – A heater will support your fish during this time of year. If you prefer not to use a heater, consider moving the pump from the bottom of the pond so that the warmer areas at the bottom of the pond are undisturbed.

Ensure a happy winter for your pond life. The winter months might be quiet, but your pond still needs a little attention.