Apple trees are one of the easiest fruit trees to grow. You can choose dessert apples for eating or cookers for stewing.


FALSTAFF RED is one of the heaviest cropping of dessert apple trees. Crunchy, acidic and sweet with beautiful red skin, it’s one of the UK’s best eating apples.

SUNSET is a compact apple tree that requires little attention and crops reliably each year. It’s ideal for smaller gardens and can even be grown in a container.

DISCOVERY is a popular variety as it has the early cropping time of mid to late August lasting into September. These apples have a bright red ruby skin and are crisp to eat straight off the tree.


BRAMLEY’S SEEDLING produces lots of large cooking apples in autumn that stew into a delicious puree. You also have the added benefit of beautiful pale pink flowers in spring.

HOWGATE WONDER is a traditional variety of large English cooking apple. It’s easy to grow and provides a good crop of fruit with a tangy acidity that’s not as sharp as a Bramley.