Plum trees are popular with gardeners as they produce a reliable harvest of fruit, don’t take up too much space and are easy to maintain.

You can grow a plum tree in the smallest of gardens with very little effort.


OPAL produces plums early in the year, in late July in some areas. It has the full sweet flavour of the gage but with slightly larger fruit. This variety has better disease resistance than other plum trees, making it ideal for beginners.

JUBILEE is a mid-season plum with fruit in mid-August. The flesh is a delicious balance of sweetness and sharpness and can be eaten fresh or uses for culinary purposes. The fruit is large and an enticing dark red colour.

GUINEVER is big purple/black late-season plum tree that produces fruit in mid-September. The plums are sweet and sharp and delicious when eaten from the tree or used in cooking. This variety of plum can also be stored for a while in the fridge.

MARJORIE’S SEEDLING is the main late-season plum grown in the UK as it’s a reliable, heavy cropper that’s hardy and disease resistant. The large purple fruit becomes blue-black when fully ripe. The flesh is juicy with a strong plum flavour.