Cherry blossom trees offer delightful spring flowers followed by colourful summer and autumn foliage.

They’re popular because they bring the wow factor to any garden with minimal effort.

A cherry blossom tree also makes a wonderful Christmas gift for a loved one, bringing joy and colour to their garden for many years to come.

Here are some easy-to-grow varieties:


This compact, upright cherry blossom tree offers semi-double, pale pink flowers with a subtle fragrance. Bronze-green spring foliage turns to mid-green in the summer and then transforms into orange and red to give a stunning autumn display.


Kursar produces single, pink blossoms in March to April, earlier than most flowering cherry trees. Its pretty flowers are popular with bees. The spring red-bronze foliage will turn to green and then become red and gold in the autumn.

A resilient tree that grows well in most conditions.


This is a dwarf version of Pink Perfection and offers the same double, bright pink flowers that hang in clusters in April and May. The new leaves are bronze, turning green and then bright red and orange in autumn.

Little Pink Perfection can be grown in most soils except very wet or chalky, shallow conditions.


In March and April, this lovely weeping cherry tree produces rounded clusters of single white, sometimes blush, blossom with a slight almond scent. The early bronze foliage changes to dark green and then develops into yellow colours in autumn.