Even with the main bulk of summer growing finished, there is still plenty to do in the garden as October draws to a close:

✓ Harvesting autumn crops – If you’re growing your own this year, you’ve likely still got some harvesting to do. Choose bright orange pumpkins and squashes for soups, stews and puddings at this time of year. Save a couple for Halloween!

✓ Enriching the earth – The earth and soil in your beds is likely to be depleted from your summer crop. Use a manure or soil enricher top-coat on your soil to add nutrients in time for spring.

✓ Put the beds to bed – Cover over the beds you are not using, until the spring. This will keep them protected from frost and wind, as well as reducing weeds.

✓ Planting crops – It is the perfect time for your winter veg to go in. Try parsnips and cabbage for some fresh veg crunch a few months down the line. Now is also a great time to get your fruit trees in for next summer.

✓ Maintaining your crop – Stake your Brussels Sprouts to avoid damage from the winter winds. Protect more tender plants from potential frost with gravel, fleece or cloches. Now is a good time to check any pots you have are frost resistant.

You can still keep busy with your fruit and veg patch at this time of year. Just keep an eye on the weather forecast and get out there in between showers!