Are you buried in beetroot and swimming in strawberries?!

With the abundance of fruit and vegetables that are in season at the moment, it’s the perfect time to put them to good use and make preserves, jams and chutneys to enjoy throughout the winter months.

Even if you haven’t been growing fruits and veggies in your garden you can get your hands on some fresh British-grown produce from the greengrocer section at our Launceston store. Our tangy raspberries are grown in the Westcountry and make the most delicious flavoursome jam!

Why not try these lovely flavour combinations for inspiration?

1. Spicy aubergine chutney with onion seeds, fresh ginger, sultanas and a sprinkling of cayenne. Beautiful served with a lamb curry.

2. Sweet and tangy runner bean and courgette chutney flavoured with a hint of mustard powder, turmeric and coriander seeds. Perfect slathered in a cheese sandwich!

3. Spicy beetroot relish made with fresh chilli and shallots – particularly delicious with a strong cheese such as goat, parmesan or Roquefort. Why not try serving with a goat cheese, pancetta and shallot tart?

4. Spiced rhubarb chutney with a hint of curry powder and onion seeds. Be sure to leave your chutneys to mature for at least a month to mellow those lovely flavours.

5. Sweet and spicy carrot and coriander relish with hints of orange, ginger and cardamom. Serve with poppadoms and your Saturday night curry.

6. Simple raspberry and gooseberry jam – the punchy fruity flavours are wonderful on warm scones or served with a home cooked sponge pudding.

7. Summery peach and strawberry jam with grated orange zest. This jam will be a beautiful colour and makes the perfect filling for a Victoria sponge, served with a dollop of Cornish clotted cream.

8. Rich fig and vanilla jam with crystallised ginger – a flavour combination that goes well with both sweet and savoury dishes. This chutney is particularly delicious with cheese.

9. Rich cherry and blackcurrant cassis conserve – this beautiful conserve will be perfect in a homemade bakewell tart.

10. Rhubarb, orange and ginger jam – a harmonious balance of sweet and tangy, try a spoonful of this glorious jam on top of a bowl of clotted cream ice cream with a sprinkling of caramelised walnuts.

Goodness me we’re hungry now… are you?

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