Charlie Bears new for 2018

Charlie Bears new for 2018

January Updates.

 This week has seen the return of several Charlie Bears and also a few new arrivals.

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Ozzie (£70) and Dobby (£72).


This month sees the return of Ozzie, Dobby, Tully and Higgs to our shelves, Ozzie and Dobby were only recently with us but it has been some time since we’ve had a Higgs on our stock list.


 Ozzie is quite a sizeable chap, who would like a space on your sofa!

His cute face has been trimmed to show his soulful panda eyes and deep brown hand-stitched nose. His thick and dense plush fur is a mix of rich cream, brown and green, which has a lot of light tipping for depth. He has stitched and sculpted paw pads and is accessorised with a two tone organza ribbon.


Dobby is a standing bear and limited in production to only 3,000 worldwide, so he will be a bear in great demand.

He is also extra special as he is a plumo bear, which means that the honey coloured fur on his muzzle and inner ears is mohair and the rest of his fur is a ruby red plush, with dark tipping. He has a ruby red hand-stitched nose, which matches his colouring and is finished with a very fetching ribbon.



Tully (£62) and Higgs (£75).


Tully is a big standing panda bear, made with mid length plush fur in shades of grey.
The whites under his eyes give him an appealing expression and the teardrop markings under his eyes give him the recognisable Charlie Bear panda look.  His shaved muzzle has some airbrushing and he has a hand-stitched nose and claws.
He wears a tactile fabric bow.


Higgs is a plumo bear, which means that the fur on his inner ears and muzzle are made of high quality mohair, making him extra special. He is also limited in production to only 3,000 making him a bear that should definitely be in your collection.

How can you resist the warm caramel tones of his fur, which has some delicate black tipping for depth. He also has endearing eyes that will melt your heart, plus a hand-stitched nose and pads and he wears an organza bow with a key pendant.



Biscuit (£47), Ginny (£40) and Duchess (£47).


Biscuit is a new puppy, designed by Alison Mills.  He is made from soft, short-pile plush fur, in a mix of browns and he has lots of face sculpturing and a big, chunky hand-stitched nose and claws.  Like lots of puppies, he has oversized paws, which have been sculpted to show his pads.

He has a waggy tail, low set ears and is accessorised with a blue ribbon.  His imploring eyes are just asking you to take him home!

Ginny is a cute panda bear made with really soft grey and white plush fur.

The arms, legs and ears have a lot of white tipping, adding to her wintery look. However, she won't be cold, as her fur is really thick and dense, so lovely to touch.

She is only small, standing at 28cm (11") and is accessorised with a thread collar necklace with flower pendants.


Duchess is a very cute and playful Chihuahua puppy, instantly recognisable with her trademark big ears and eyes!!  She is made from a short pile plush in white and creams and she has sculpted and stitched paws.
She wears a golden organza bow and will always be ready for "walkies" and cuddles!



Burma (£54), Olien (£60) and Sadie (£49).


Burma’s thick and dense tufty plush coat makes him extra cuddly and gives him an aged look, reminiscent of bears from your childhood.  He has a really adorable face - so what more could you ask for in a bear?

His two-tone hand-stitched nose picks out the colour of his shaved muzzle, revealing his imploring eyes - just asking you to pick him up!

He is completed with shoelace style accessories.

Olien is another colourful panda, made with a mix of powder blue and fudge coloured curly fur. She has endearing panda eyes and her hand-stitched nose and sculpted pads have some shading. She wears a two-tone organza ribbon and is great friends with "ALISON".

Sadie is best bear friends with “SANDIE” and they share a similar look, but with colour differences.

Sadie has a soft buttermilk plush, with a lighter tipping on her head and body and her arms, legs and ears are dark brown, with a cream striped pattern, which makes a good contrast. Her panda eyes have white underneath, which gives a really appealing look and she has a hand-stitched nose, with some loose thread stitches and sculpted paw pads. She wears a red bow and heart necklace, which is the same as her friend Sandie’s.


Also, this month sees an update to our website. All of our current Charlie Bears are now listed on the website Here and can be ordered directly. You can also use the website to simply browse the Bears that we have in stock before visiting us. However, ALL Charlie Bears are limited in stock and I would advise calling the garden centre before making a specific trip, we can easily reserve a particular item to ensure your time is not wasted. 

For any extra information on stock, or to reserve a particular Bear, please contact Rob at Homeleigh Garden Centre 01566 773147 or feel free to simply email at


Thank you.


Posted by Callum Henley
1st February 2018

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