Christmas Time With Your Furry Members Of The Family

Christmas Time With Your Furry Members Of The Family


The festive season is well and truly on its way which means gifts, plenty of great food and spending time with our family; for many of us that will also include our beloved pets. They come in many shapes and sizes but can be the heart and soul of the family.


We love to pamper our animals as much as our mums, dads, brothers & sisters so here are a few ideas to get you started:

Lots of us will enjoy a tipple (or two) over the holiday season so don’t let your dog miss out on all the fun! Woof & Brew Bottom Sniffer beer is a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated fun alternative treat for dogs and would make a fantastic gift. This brew is made using the familiar Dandelion and Burdock flavours alongside herbs such as Bladderwrak and Nettle. Perfect to be enjoyed over food or served as a drink and is available here at Homeleigh this Christmas.


How about their very own Santa sack? Available for both cats and dogs these are a great all in one present filled with 4 tasty natural treats from the team at Green & Wilds, whose ethos is to produce natural treats and eco-friendly toys.

Speaking of natural foods, it is great to see that there has been a huge increase in pet owners being more conscious of what they are choosing to feed their animals and becoming more aware of ingredients used in foods.

If you are looking for more natural treats for your dog this Christmas, take a look at our list of our favourites below:

1.Green & Wilds Venison Deli Snacks 

These are a naturally low in fat treats made from 100% British venison meat. They are gluten free, hypoallergenic and an excellent source of omega 3.

2.Fish 4 Dogs Sea Jerky – Tiddlers

Made from 100% fish skins these fishy treats are naturally low in calories. They also are made to have a rough texture to help remove tar from the dog’s teeth as they eat.

3.Rosewood Natural Nosh Chicken Fillets

A low in fat snack made from 100% chicken fillet which is high in natural protein and will make a great snack for your dog.

4.Harringtons Salmon Rolls

The salmon rolls from Harrington’s contain no artificial colours or flavours and are also rich in Omega 3 and 6 oils, natural antioxidants, zinc and vitamins to help maintain a healthy skin and coat.

5.Anco Naturals Turkey Feet

Turkey is the meat of choice for most over the Christmas period, so these 100% natural Turkey feet are a great option for your dog to have a taste too.



We also have a vast range of toys and foods available for everything from birds to hamsters, so why not pop into store to take a look at the huge selection we have to offer.

If you cant visit us check out our great selection of animal foods, treats and accessories here.


This season can also be very stressful on all animals, whether its fireworks, parties or travel that affects your pet, there are now plenty of ways in which you can help them through this busy season. Take the time to consider the reasons your animal may get stressed and see if there is a way in which you can help there, for instance if fireworks scare your dog avoid taking them out for a walk when you know these will be going off and stick to daytime outings.




Pet remedy is a natural de-stressing and calming solution that is helpful to all kinds of pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, birds and reptiles. It is available in an array of different application methods to suit your needs.

Why not try a Woof & Brew herbal anxiety tonic for your dog? An easy to serve tonic that can be given on its own or simply added to water. This tonic is rich in vitamins and minerals and can provide natural calming & settling qualities.

There are also other varieties of tonic available at Homeleigh such as one for senior dogs, fresh breath and skin & coat tonics.


Things to consider for the winter season – 

Small animals - It is a good idea to look at the positioning of your rabbit or guinea pigs hutch in the garden, as what was once a good spot during the summer now may not provide enough protection against the elements. We all know we are subject to plenty of rain and wind over the coming months so make sure this is not going to be directed into the hutch. Think about the possibility of using external coverings and barriers to break the weather. By adding in extra bedding material over the next few months you can help to make their homes nice and cosy for them to snuggle into.

Water bottles will also be prone to freezing over in the winter so regular checks are essential to help keep water free flowing and available at all times to rabbits and guinea pigs. A bottle cover can help to regulate the water temperature and reduce the risk of freezing, this will also reduce algae and bacterial growth within the bottle.

Birds – Any bird exposed to cold weather can have a detrimental effect on their health, so it is a good idea at this time of year to pay extra attention to this and adapt their environment accordingly. Move cages away from doors and windows to keep out of any drafts and think about putting a cover over the cage at night time.

Non-stick pans, when heated to high temperatures, can release toxic fumes that can be harmful to birds in the home. With the increase in cooking expected over these coming months ensure to keep all birds away from the kitchen and ensure there is adequate ventilation.

Cats – When the temperatures drop always ensure your cat can have access to a safe and warm place, by shutting them out of the house whilst you are out they could be subject to freezing temperatures. A nice cosy bed can provide them with somewhere to rest when the cold hits. A reflective collar is also a good idea during these darker months to help them be seen when out and about.

Dogs – Light up toys are a great choice for the dark nights, allowing playtime to be extended! There is also a range of light up or reflective products on the market such as coats and collars to make walkies that bit safer. When going for walks in the winter it is going to get cold, so don’t forget to wrap your dog up warm, just as you would do yourself. When you get home make sure you dry them off and check for salt and grit between the toes as this can cause aggravation.

A wonderful warm bed is perfect for this time of year, not only will this give them a place to get cosy but also a place to retreat to should they need a bit of peace and quiet this festive season.


There can be lots of things to considers with pets over the winter months, but it is important to remember is to enjoy this merry season.

From all at the Pets Department here at Homeleigh Garden Centre we wish you and all your pets a fantastic Christmas.



Posted by Callum Henley
5th December 2017

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