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October 17

Jobs in the garden

Autumn is well and truly here so it's time to remove any tired looking summer bedding plants, replace the potting compost and plant your pots with vibrant autumn plants.

We have a superb range of locally grown pansies, violas, sweet williams, forget me nots and the ever popular, brightly coloured mini cyclamen.

If you have dry soil we have fresh weekly deliveries of wallflowers.  Sold in bunches of 10, planted in the borders now will bring delicious scent to your spring garden.

Early flowering herbaceous plants may look past their best now and can be cut down to ground level and composted. 

Rake up fallen leaves and add to your compost bin, this removes slug hiding places.  The easiest way to remove them from the lawn is with the lawn mower.  If you have heavy wet soil, an electric lawn rake will remove moss and thatch giving the grass roots air. Yes, it looks bad afterwards but will recover and be better in the long run.

Plant spring flowering bulbs like daffodils, crocus and tulips.  There's a massive amount in store to choose from. 

Pick your apples, pears etc before they fall to the ground as once bruised they rot very quickly.  Fallen fruits can be juiced or eat up quickly!

If you need any help with ideas or plant choice please pop in and see our plant team.






Posted by Callum Henley
10th October 2017

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