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Charlie Bear Blog

This week we have had a big delivery that includes some brand new bears  as well as a few older bears that we have not stocked for awhile. Cloth Ears remains Bear of the month but his price has lowered.


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Charlie Bears ALISON

If you are called Alison, or know someone with this name, then this namesake bear is the perfect one for you or them.

She is made from a curly, cherry red plush fur on her arms, legs and ears and her panda eyes are the same colour, along with her matching hand-stitched nose and tickly toes. This colourful panda also has a fluffy bib and the rest of her fur is a winter white.

She is accessorised with a two-tone organza ribbon, making her a very beautiful panda, that will stand out in your collection.

Alison is from the Charlie Bears 2017 Collection.

Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris.




Charlie Bears CHICA

The short pile black plush that we have used for our new baby panther Chica is exquisite, thick and luxurious. She is fully jointed and has small sculptured paw pads and a long chunky tail.  

She has a small hand embroidered nose and a wide-eyed expression with mesmerizing black and yellow eyes. Like Sheba from the 2016 collection, she has been created with a slightly animated look so you would be forgiven if you thought she had pounced straight out of a storybook. She wears a pretty pink sheer ribbon as her accessory.



Charlie Bears - JAGO

Jago is an adorable panda bear. made from silky soft plush in traditional panda colours, black and white.
Jago has two black eyes with small eye white detail underneath which creates the Charlie Bears signature “who me?” look as well as hand stitched nose.
He is fully jointed and has sculpted paw pads on his hands, where as his feet are flat so that he is able to stand up!
Simple accessories have been created in the form of small thread collar necklaces with flower pendants.
Size 11 Inches (28cm)

Look out for Ginny, the perfect panda companion for this little bear cub!



With such a gentle vibe, this pretty red panda, Paignton is bound to win many hearts. A fantabulous design, by Isabelle Lee with Charlotte Morris, exclusively for Charlie Bears, Bearhouse Collection.

Paignton is 43cm / 17" tall and non jointed with an oversized tail and bent legs. She has been sewn, from a mix of gloriously tactile and luxurious plushes in brown auburn tones. Dense rich chocolate for her torso and limbs, with velvet smooth cocoa paws and white inner ears. A shaggy textured, pale chestnut for her back, mixed with a fluffy, glossy auburn for her balancing tail, plus the addition of a crisp white, for her endearing face. A kissable, black plush nose, with glistening, two tone eyes upon eyewhites for emphasis and a sumptuous, golden satin bow, plus a significantly cuddly feel, all add that pawfectly magical charm!

Bear Fact - Paignton is named after Paignton Zoo and their Red Panda enclosure.



Charlie Bears - PORTIA & PREMA

Here we have the most proud Mummy (Portia), with the most enchanting Baby (Prema), as a Pawfect Polar Bear Pair, designed by Isabelle Lee with Charlotte Morris exclusively for Charlie Bears.

Portia is 56cm / 22" tall and Prema is 39cm / 15.5" tall, both are fully jointed, with a gentle elbow curve to their arms, for greater snuggling. They have been sewn from a luxuriously soft and dense, semi fluffy, arctic white plush with wonderfully tactile, light grey paws, which are sculpted with stitch defined toes. They have smaller, glossy eyes and a kissable, hand stitched nose, plus delicate airbrushing, along with scissor sculpting and shaving (for those magnificent head shapes), bringing shape and definition, to their captivating faces and tickle paws. Wonderfully glorious!

Bear Family - Grizelle & Grace, Helena & Hope, Fenella & Faith.




Charlie Bears - RUDD

The Bearhouse collection this year has been inspired by Charlie?s many visits to zoos and a selection of wild and wacky characters have been introduced, some for the very first time! Rudd our new penguin has been named after a real life penguin who is still a resident at Chester zoo!! This wonderful character, just like his name sake, has a cheeky demeanour about him and being softly filled and weighted he also gives the best cuddles. The super soft plushes we have used to create little Rudd really do add to this he most certainly is as Charlie says a perfect cuddle companion. He can be displayed anywhere and is as comfortable on a shelf as he is on a bed. He has said that he does like to travel and loves water so a quick trip to the washing machine is not a problem either.

Height 17 Inches /42 cms.




Sandie - Charlie Bears

Sandie is an adorable Charlie Bear, she is made from super soft plush in warm sand and peach colourings.
She is fully jointed and hand finished, softly filled and weighted. She has sculpted padded paw pad detailing
This panda styled pairing have been softly filled and weighted.

She have loose threaded noses to give a pre loved look to her!
Sandie is finished off wearing a handmade small necklace with a heart pendant as an accessory around her neck
Size 14.5 Inches / 37cm



Charlie Bears - TWIG

 Twig is an adorable orangutan monkey from the 2017 collection! Made from soft plush in a burnt orange colour this little monkey is sure to be your friend for life! 

He has a cheeky playful character, and has loose joints so he can be displayed perfectly in your hug!
He has small ape feet, a tiny hand stitched nose and mouth and shocks of a longer piled plush around his neck and on his head!
Size 14.5 Inches / 37cm



Charlie Bears - TATUM

Tatum is an adorable bear cub from the new 2017 collection! She is made from soft plush in a mixture of soft greys and browns with subtle hints of silver!
Fully jointed with loose joints
She has sculpted paw pads with tickly toe detailing.
Hand Stitched nose and two black glass eyes with eye white detailing to create the signature
Charlie Bears “who me?” look. Wears a key charm and heart pendent around her neck

Size 36 cm / 14 Inches

Look out for her friend 'Tegan' they sit perfectly together!



Charlie Bears – Mojito, Margarita & Pina.

Three Minimo Bears from the Cocktail Collection

Margarita Minimo teddy bear is from the Cocktail Collection. She is made from pale mohair, with a lime green backing - true to the drink she is named after! She is fully jointed, with suedette paw pads complete with green stitched claws. Margarita has a lovely face, with a green, hand-stitched nose and sparkly eyes. She wears a cocktail glass pendant with a green bead on a thong necklace.

Pina miniature teddy bear is from the Cocktail collection of Minimos. She is made from pale blond, sparse mohair, with a pineapple yellow backing material, which perfectly suits her fruity cocktail namesake! She has beige suedette paws with stitched claws and yellow airbrushing.

Pina is fully jointed and she has a hand-stitched yellow nose. She wears a fabulous cocktail glass pendant, complete with bubbles and slice of lemon!

Mojito teddy bear is from the Cocktail collection of MiniMos. He's made from pale green mohair, with a vibrant green backing material that shows through his sparse fur. He has a green, hand-stitched nose and dark, sparkly eyes. Mojito's paw pads (only on his hands) are made from suedette and come complete with green stitched claws.

Mojito is fully jointed like all traditional mohair teddy bears should be. He wears a cocktail glass pendant with a green bead to match his shade and 'flavour'!

All three of the Cocktail Collection are £64.99 each.


Also, returning this month are Kekezza, Scrump, Tia & Chuck

These bears have been out of stock to us for a little while but now make a welcome return!

Kekezza - £70.00        Scrump - £66.00         Tia - £76.00    & Chuck - £68.00




 Bear of the Month, 10% off!


Charlie Bears 2016 Cloth Ears Bear.

This is Cloth Ears, a fabulous 35cm tall, fully jointed Teddy by Charlie Bears, designed by Isabelle Lee with Charlotte Morris.

Cloth Ears is a wonderfully proportioned standing bear (if you wish), that has been sewn from different grey toned plushes. A luxuriously dense pile for his limbs and ears, with a glorious, silky touch for his torso and head, plus, an extra long, feathery feel for his collar/bib. He has an almost mouse like appearance, adding to his appeal, with adoring eyes above his pretty, shaded nose. A decorative, gingham organza bow is very complimentary, tying him all together.

Cloth Ears is R.R.P £45, but for a limited time will be 10% off, making him only £41.50. This offer will go on until June 30th 2017 (while stock lasts).

For any extra information on stock, or to reserve a particular Bear, please contact Rob at Homeleigh Garden Centre 01566 773147 or feel free to simply reply to this Email.

Thank you.


Posted by Callum Henley
19th June 2017

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