Test Kits

When keeping fish, there are certain chemicals which can have negative effects on the health of your tank inhabitants. Taking a few minutes each week to maintain and test water conditions is the key to a healthy aquarium. 

Testing the parameters that affect the health of freshwater fish, including pH, High Range pH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate and quickly identifying any developing water quality problems is essential.

One of the most common problems for fish keepers is algae - the dreaded green stuff which thrives on light, waste and water, spreading like wildfire in your aquarium. It is easier to tackle if you catch it in its early stages, which is where fish tank testing kits can come in handy.

Here at Homeleigh you can browse our extensive range of water testing kits for aquariums online, but if you don't see the product you require, please call our aquatic team on 01566 771878 as we may have it in store.

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Nt Labs Aquarium Lab Multitest -  200 Tests
Nt Labs Aquarium Lab Multitest - 200 Tests
200 tests of the 6 key parameters.Integral test tube rack for ease of use.6 test tubes + lids The main factor in successful fish keeping lies in the maintenance of good water quality; pH, ammonia and nitrite levels in the aquarium should be checked regularly, weekly in a new aquarium and fortnightly in an established mature aquarium. The purpose of regular water testing is that poor water chemistry...
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