CO2 Equipment

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JBL Proflora SafestopJBL Proflora Safestop
JBL Proflora Safestop
Prevents backflow of water Protects systems and devices such as CO?systems, pH controls and solenoid valves from backflow of aquarium water. For 4/6mm dia. CO?hoses.
£4.99 inc VAT
JBL Proflora CountJBL Proflora Count
JBL Proflora Count
JBL ProFlora Count is a new CO² bubble counter from high quality for precise dosing of the CO² supply in the aquarium. Suitable for all current CO² systems. The unit ensures easy control of CO² supply even outside the aquarium. With integral magnifying glass for better observation of the bubbles. The unit is easy to clean and fill due to bayonet fitting with O-ring. The JBL...
£7.95 inc VAT

Tropica System Nano Cylinder
Tropica System Nano Cylinder
Replacement bottle for the Tropica pressurised CO2 system. Running out of CO2 is a sure trigger for algae so best to be prepared. Always useful to keep a spare in your cabinet, just in case!
£14.99 inc VAT
JBL Proflora Adapt U-M
JBL Proflora Adapt U-M
Adapts the pressure regulator (u 001) to fit refillable cylinders Adapts the JBL CO2 pressure regulator ProFlora u 001 for use with refillable cylinders.Simply screw on to the pressure regulator using an Allen key (6).Can be converted back for use with disposable cylinders (JBL u-System) at any time.Top quality chromed solid brass.
£14.99 inc VAT

Tropica System 60 - Refills
Tropica System 60 - Refills
Disposable CO2 Refills 3 x CO2 refills for Plant Growth System 60. Most aquarium plants do not thrive without CO2 fertilization So without extra CO2, your new plants can suffer and algae will take over your tank. A simple and inexpensive way to supply extra CO2 to the plants in your aquarium. Easy to install, use and maintain. Suitable for starter-sets, where even small amounts of extra CO2...
£16.99 inc VAT
JBL Proflora M001JBL Proflora M001
JBL Proflora M001
JBL Proflora M001 - Pressure Reducer Precision pressure reducer, regulates cylinder pressure from 60 to 1,5 bar. The correct bubble count (amount of CO?) is then adjusted on the fine needle valve. Preset working pressure (1,5 bar) means no need for complicated re-adjusting (adjustment possible, if required). 2 pressure gauges display working pressure and cylinder pressure. Can be converted...
£99.99 inc VAT

JBL Proflora U402JBL Proflora U402
JBL Proflora U402
JBL Proflora U402 - CO2 Fertilizer System This kit will ensure that the correct dose of CO2 is pumped into the water, promoting the very best plant health. Complete system with:500 g CO? cylinder Pressure reducer Bubble counter with integrated check valve Night switch-off CO? diffuser JBL Taifun 190 mm 2 metre CO? special hose CO?/pH permanent test With night switch-off which interrupts...
£179.99 inc VAT
JBL Proflora U403JBL Proflora U403
JBL Proflora U403
JBL Proflora U403 Complete system with: 500 g CO? cylinder Pressure reducer pH control device CO? diffuser JBL Taifun 190 mm 2 metre CO? special hose Bubble counter with integrated check valve KH test. With pH control device (JBL pH Control), which automatically regulates the CO? supply and adjusts to the desired pH level selected (incl. calibration solution but without pH electrode!).
£299.99 inc VAT