Oase Biorb

The BiOrb range of cold water fish tanks are complete aquarium solutions, making them an ideal starter fish tank or a stylish addition to your home.

BiOrbs come complete with everything you need to get up and running.

The BiOrb range of cold water fish tanks are easily converted for tropical fish with the addition of a fish tank heater, sold separately.

All the biOrb aquariums, feature a unique, strong design. Being acrylic, they are 10 times sronger and also hold a transparency rating of 93% against glass which only has 70%.

Available in a range of sizes from the 15 litre baby BiOrb right up to 60 litres, the BiOrb aquariums range from the classic bowl to the modern Life and Flow, any model would make an ideal focus point in any room in your home.

We also stock a huge range of biOrb specific decor, maintenance & accessories to help you keep your tank up to scratch. From replacement spare parts such as air stones, bubble tubes and tube gaurds, to everything you needto maintain a healthy living environment such as service kits, algae cleaners and ceramic media.

Decor is a very important aspect in keeping your aquarium looking great. Our range of biOrb decor features a number of easy-to-clean artificial plants, rocks and ornaments - all designed specifically to compliment the design ofyour Reef One fishtank.

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