Aqua One

Aqua One aquariums and fish tanks are designed with the wellbeing of its inhabitants as the most important principle. Aqua One aquariums aim to create a natural equilibrium, in which all aquatic life can thrive.

Aqua One aquariums and marine tanks cater for a wide variety of budget and experience level.

The Ecostyle range is stylish and affordable for today’s modern home, with proven features like the trickle filtration systems and LED lighting, all hidden under the curved aquarium lid.

The AquaStart range is simple to set up, strong and sturdy, easy to clean and maintain, extra safe, perfect for beginners of all ages. All hobbies must start somewhere and the AquaStart range of aquariums is ideal for all new aquarists

The AquaNano aquarium offers a complete aquarium system consisting of PL lighting as well as a total filtration system complete with biological and mechanical components.

Here at Homeleigh you can browse our range of Aqua One fish tanks online, but if you don't see the product you require, please call our aquatic team on 01566 771878 as we may have it in store.

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Aqua One Ecostyle 32 Aquarium
Aqua One Ecostyle 32 Aquarium
Simple, modern and affordable, the Ecostyle aquariums from Aqua One have been made to suit the modern home. With a capacity of 14 litres, this Ecostyle 32 aquarium is a great choice for use as a cold water, tropical or marine aquarium. Easy to set up, use and maintain, this aquarium is the ideal option for all aquarists of any experience level. The aquarium’s curved lid houses the media for...
£55.99 inc VAT
Aqua One Aquastart 340  Aquarium Wet/Dry Trickle Filter (Black)
Aqua One Aquastart 340 Aquarium Wet/Dry Trickle Filter (Black)
The optimum choice for new aquarists, this Aquastart is the perfect option for beginners of any age. The simple but striking aquarium easy to set up and maintain, strong, sturdy and safe to use, it is the perfect choice for a first aquarium. With a capacity of 40 litres, this tank will house cold water, marine or tropical fish with ease. Its simple but striking design allows for excellent views within...
£79.99 inc VAT

Aqua One 42 Ecostyle 28L 42X26X38cm (Black)
Aqua One 42 Ecostyle 28L 42X26X38cm (Black)
A range of modern, easy to use and affordable aquariums, the Ecostyle range from Aqua One has been designed for the modern home. A step larger than the Ecostyle 32, this Ecostyle 42 has a capacity of 28 litres and can be used as a cold water, marine or tropical aquarium. The simple but striking design of the aquarium allows for superb views of the interior, which is further aided by the built-in PL...
£99.99 inc VAT