Aquarium heaters are relatively cheap to purchase and are essential for the wellbeing of your tropical fish. Coupled with the right fish tank water treatment, they can improve the quality of your tank and health of the fish.

Fish are cold-blooded animals, which means they cannot regulate their body heat like human beings and other mammals. They need the right external temperature to survive, irrespective of whether they are in the open sea or inside an aquarium.

The temperature in the seas and oceans remains fairly constant through different times, so fish have the natural ability to survive here. However, aquariums are different because they are man-made and not a natural habitat of fish, so owners of aquariums should take more effort to maintain the right water temperatures.

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Aqua One Aquarium Glass HeaterAqua One Aquarium Glass Heater
Aqua One Aquarium Glass Heater
Fully submersible with double insulation Heater thermostat with easy to use temperature settings Easy to read temperature guide Automatic shut off and on light Suitable for marine and tropical aquariums. To find the correct size heater for your tank, please refer to the size guide below
from £14.99 inc VAT
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£14.99 inc VAT

Betta Heaterstat Aquarium Heaters
Betta Heaterstat Aquarium Heaters
Betta Thermal Submersible Aquarium heater reliable circuit and high quality materials ensure output of heat and keeps the water temperature steady inside the aquarium. Temperature can be adjusted between. Advanced design. Totally submersible. Manual temperature controller. Mains power indicator. Waterproof double seal material for safety. Choicem of: 50w 20-50l gd114 100w 50-100l gd115 200w...
from £15.99 inc VAT
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£17.99 inc VAT

Eheim Jager Aquarium HeaterEheim Jager Aquarium Heater
Eheim Jager Aquarium Heater
Eheim Jager Heaterstat aquarium heaters, are considered to be among the most reliable in the market. They feature a temperature control dial, automatic safety shut-off switch and are completely submersible. Chrome nickel helical heating coil is designed for maximum life and even heating. The 2 mm thick shock-resistant glass outperforms the 1 mm thickness of other heaters. Fresh and saltwater compatible,...
from £19.99 inc VAT
Oase HeatUp Aquarium HeatersOase HeatUp Aquarium Heaters
Oase HeatUp Aquarium Heaters
Oase Aquarium HeatUp allows you to reliably regulate the temperature in your aquarium, ensuring a healthy and constant environment for your fish. All sizes of HeatUp can be adjusted accurately (+ / - 3 ° C) via the dial at the top of the unit. Oase's top quality workmanship and rigorous testing means that you can rest assured that HeatUp is robust, safe and reliable for continuous use....
from £20.99 inc VAT

Tetra Ht100 HeaterTetra Ht100 Heater
Tetra Ht100 Heater
High-performance heaters for a range of aquarium sizes. • Temperature regulator with easy-to-set scale • Easy-to-read temperature scale • Extra long mains cable for simple installation • Electronic regulator for top reliability and safety • Control light to indicate periods of operation • Extra thick heat and shock-resistant borosilicate glass tube •...
£22.99 inc VAT
Oase biOrb Tropical Heater KitOase biOrb Tropical Heater Kit
Oase biOrb Tropical Heater Kit
Oase Biorb Tropical Heater Kit The Tropical Heater Kit for BiOrb is the quick and easy way to convert your coldwater BiOrb into a tropical aquarium. Each Heater Kit includes 50w Heater - to help regulate your aquariums water temperature to the correct level for your tropical fish. Glass Thermometer - to monitor your aquariums water temperature to ensure it is correct for the fish in your tank. Heater...
£27.99 inc VAT

Juwel Aquarium HeaterJuwel Aquarium Heater
Juwel Aquarium Heater
The Juwel heater safely and reliably ensures the correct temperature in your aquarium. The heater will achieve a water temperature of around +28°C. This is dependant on room temperature & aquarium size. Uses top-quality contacts and shock-proof, heat-resistant borosilicate glass (safety glass). These heaters meet the highest standards in both function and safety. In all Rio, Vision, Trigon,...
£29.95 inc VAT
Hydor External HeaterHydor External Heater
Hydor External Heater
The Hydor external filter is completely safe. Patented heating element made with the exclusive PTC system. The traditional metal resistor coils have been replaced by a special polymer sheet, silk-screened with heating ink. Suitable for all external canister filters.
from £50.99 inc VAT

Oase BiOrb 50W Intelligent Heater With Powerpod (46002)
Oase BiOrb 50W Intelligent Heater With Powerpod (46002)
Biorb 50W Intelligent Heater An aquarium heater which runs off just 12 volts. It couldn’t be easier to use. Simply plug-in and drop-in. The heater is permanently set to 24.5°C. A built-in sensor checks and adjusts the water temperature 3000 times a minute and is accurate to 0.5°C. Accuracy means it’s more economical. The Intelligent Heater uses less electricity than a traditional...
£79.99 inc VAT