Air Pumps

An air pump is an aeration device used in aquariums, particularly larger tanks, in order to aerate and circulate the water to prevent it becoming stagnant. This function helps keep the environment clean and productive for fish and other aquatic life forms. Some species even require this movement to survive for the long term.

Some filters, such as corner filters and under gravel filters are (or can be) driven by air and would require an air pump. Some of these can also be driven by water pumps.

Also, don't forget the right fish tank water treatment for your system

We have a huge range of aquarium and fish tank pumps online, including aquarium circulation pumps. You can browse and buy our range of aquarium pump options online, but if you don't see the product you require, please call our aquatic team on 01566 771878 as we may have it in store. 

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Reef One biOrb Mini Air Pump
Reef One biOrb Mini Air Pump
Reef One biOrb Mini Air Pump The air pump on your baby biOrb works very hard, 24 hours a day and will eventually wear out. You may notice that the pump becomes noisier or the bubbles less vigorous at which point it may be time to replace the air pump. If your air pump stops working replace it as soon as you can to minimise interruption to the filtration. It is advisable to keep a spare air pump...
£9.99 inc VAT
Sicce Airlight Aquarium Air PumpSicce Airlight Aquarium Air Pump
Sicce Airlight Aquarium Air Pump
These very silent air pumps are ideal for your aquarium and feature a light to indicate if on/off. Air Light is a perfect way to increase the oxygenation of the water and may also be used to enhance the aesthetics of your aquarium. Compact and original design Silent Vibration-damping rubber feet Electronic regulation valve (mod. 3.300) Single (mod. 1.000 and 1.500) and double (mod. 3.300) air...
from £13.99 inc VAT

Aqua One Stellar Advance Air Pump
Aqua One Stellar Advance Air Pump
The Stellar Air Pumps from Aqua One represent leading edge technology to bring you what is arguably the quietest air pumps on the market today. Combine the near silent operation with proven reliability and you have technology which reaches the standard demanded of the Aqua One Pro range. High quality air pump Extremely quiet and efficient Single and twin diaphragms allow them to be used for...
from £17.99 inc VAT
Tetra Air Pump APS AnthraciteTetra Air Pump APS Anthracite
Tetra Air Pump APS Anthracite
Being very quiet, the Tetra APS pumps are a great way to add oxygen to your tank, run filters & air stones, as well as operating air-driven ornaments. This excellent quality aquarium air pump has state-of-the-art design features with adjustable airflow.
from £17.99 inc VAT

Oase OxyMax Aquarium Air PumpsOase OxyMax Aquarium Air Pumps
Oase OxyMax Aquarium Air Pumps
Oase OxyMax Aquarium Air Pumps allow you to easily add vital oxygen to your aquarium, which aids in the health and well-being of your fish and helps to keep the water moving. The Oase Aquarium OxyMax features the same robust reliable design approach that the German company has become famous for in all its products. Meaning that these aerators are all but silent in operation and robust and reliable...
from £23.99 inc VAT
Eheim Aquarium Air PumpEheim Aquarium Air Pump
Eheim Aquarium Air Pump
There are three models; 100, 200 (2 x 100) and 400 (2 x 200) l/h, on which the smallest model has one and the two larger ones both have two individually adjustable air outlets. They come equipped with one or two Eheim diffusers. You can set your very own bubble effect, as the pump will allow air flow to be regulated at each outlet and also each diffuser. Very quiet operation Long service life, best...
from £29.99 inc VAT

Hydor H2Show Kit Brown Volcano Includes Red Led And Airater
Hydor H2Show Kit Brown Volcano Includes Red Led And Airater
With this fantastic decoration by Hydor you can easily create an erupting volcano effect in your aquarium which will have all your friends talking. It is all made so easy with the help from Hydor H2Show Volcano Kit. This brown volcano emits a bright red light from the LED and bursts of red bubbles from the top of the ornament. This top quality product is made from high quality non toxic super safe...
£34.99 inc VAT
Hydor H2Show Kit Grey Volcano Includes Led And Airater
Hydor H2Show Kit Grey Volcano Includes Led And Airater
This Volcano combines the effect of a fun ornament in your aquarium, with the benefits of airation and an an effective night light. Very easy to assemble.bubblemaker Led light and ornament included in this kit 1 x Volcano Ornament1 x Bubblemaker1 x Red Led lighting
£34.99 inc VAT