About Us

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Homeleigh was created in the 1970s by Derek and Enis Broad. Initially the site that Homeleigh situates was farmland and farm buildings with a small bungalow. Derek and Enis decided to grow their own vegetables and bedding plants from a small greenhouse and started selling them from a table outside their bungalow with an honesty box.

This soon became very popular with locals and became the go to place for quality plants with this in mind Derek and Enis decided there was an opening within the area and decided to buy in more products such as compost and other gardening supplies. This soon became a fulltime job and converted one of the small farm buildings in to a small shop selling seeds, compost and other gardening products. As the business expanded they started to employ staff to help with the growing and maintenance of the plants and care for customers needs while they shopped. After sometime and many more products lines being introduced it was decided to make it official and so planning was made to convert more of the space to shop use and create a full 'garden centre.'


The bungalow that Derek and Enis lived in and used as a family home with their son and daughter was transformed into a small cafe with office space. This became very popular and needed extending rapidly as people loved to sit and admire the view over Dartmoor and the valley that looks down to the river Tamar. The fields opposite were purchased and became a car park for customers and added a warehouse to store greenhouses, sheds and other gardenware. One of these warehouses was later turned in to our Fishing tackle and Aquatics departments both of which are now very popular locally and renowned nationally for the expertise and vast range that is offered. The shop has now been extended many times and hosts a huge range of products for everything for your home and garden.

 A clothing deparment and a Foodhall were added in 2007/8. These departments like all the others have top brands at very affordable prices. Soon after the garden centre decided to do something a little different and opened what is now known as Homeleigh Hair and Beauty offering ladies and gents a place they can unwind, pamper themselves and get the latest hair styles from professional stylists. The addition of solar panels helps to lower the garden centres carbon footprint and were installed in the summer of 2014. One of the latest departments is the 'online sales' department which has been re-developed for the autumn of 2015. 

In 2017 Homeleigh celebrated it's 40th Birthday! 

Even though Homeleigh is 40 years old it hasn't finished growing - Homeleigh has just bought another branch at Crediton

Crediton Garden Centre is a long established garden centre situated about 1/2 mile outside of Crediton.

Homeleigh looks forward to meeting everyone from in and around the town and will of course do their very best to keep the family atmosphere that is so well known in the Launceston area. 

Derek and Enis are still running the business and now have their son Rob who helps to manage the day to day running of the business which now employs over 90 staff.