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Rowaphos Phosphate RemoverRowaphos Phosphate Remover
Rowaphos Phosphate Remover
In freshwater or salt water aquariums phosphates will feed nuisance algae which can overrun plants and expensive corals spoiling the aesthetics of the tank and in extreme cases killing its inhabitants. Within the reef aquarium, phosphates will greatly affect the formation of coral skeletons by reducing calcification by over 50% and by inhibiting the deposition of strontium.It is suggested by Borneman...
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Rowacarbon Activated CarbonRowacarbon Activated Carbon
Rowacarbon Activated Carbon
Rowa Carbon is a high grade granulated carbon with an extremely low phosphate content. Rowa Carbon is an unusually high-performance activated carbon based on the finest quality hard coal and contains extremely low levels of Phosphate. Within the aquarium activated carbon will remove toxins and yellowing from the water which will improve the health of your livestock and improve the penetration of...
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